Here at Appliance Service Company my grandparents started this company in 1969 and began a long lifetime of qualityservice to Wilmington,NC  and the surrounding area for all of your appliance repair needs.My mother and father then took the reigns in the mid 80’s and although my father has retired (somewhat) , my mother is still going strong working in the office.

My name is Kevin and I am the service manager here and alongside with my wife Marrissia we strive to continue the great service everyone has become accustomed to receiving in service and repair.

We also consider the other technicians , who may not be blood related, family.Here are some of the pictures of our great family at Appliance Service Company.

Family values

Our family starting at the left Gabriella, Marrissia, Kevin, and Gavin.

Rosco is our customer service manager @ Appliance Service Company in Wilmington,NC

                                                                                                                     Leanne is is one of our

                                                                                                             customer service representatives

                                                                                                           @ Appliance Service Company  

Agustus Von Wigglebottoms

AKA : Gus is our new customer

service manager in training @

Appliance Service Company

Ryan “the stapleman” Leath is one of our
trained technicians @ Appliance Service Company